Teen Power Path Program

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The Teen Power Path Program is a powerful way for teens to experience and learn self-growth, self-development, and new life skills that will help them navigate the ups and downs of life. Watch their confidence, motivation, and engagement increase as they gain this new knowledge!


The Teen Power Path Program will be conducted live via Zoom over 2 separate sessions of approximately 2 hours each. Please be sure to check the dates and times when signing up your teen. It is important that participants are available for both dates and can attend both segments since the content builds on prior content. There will not be make-up dates.


Teens will receive a workbook via email that will be used throughout the program. Although it will be a teaching environment, there will be opportunities for the teens to participate, if they choose. I will create a fun, relaxed, and safe space for them to learn and engage.

Special opportunity to join the pilot of this program!

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