Meet Coach Aimee

Hi! I’m Coach Aimee and I am super passionate about coaching teens!

I am a Certified Professional Coach and received my training through iPec, one of the top coaching institutions accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Elmhurst College.  

Most of my professional life has been working with Company Owners, CEOs, and CFOs. I have encountered so many adults that have struggled for so long when they didn’t have to. All they needed was a coach! Once they learned to create more self-awareness and started using the tools they learned through coaching, they were able to move forward in a more productive way. As a result, their stress and anxiety greatly decreased.  I have always had the innate ability to help other people and it’s something I have done regularly in my personal and professional life.

One day it occurred to me, “What if I could teach these tools to younger people so they could have an easier time navigating life?” I knew how powerful a coaching experience would be for teens and I also knew it was so needed in today’s world. I followed my heart and began coaching teens. I truly believe that teens have such an important role as our next leaders and our future generation. I also truly believe that most of them could use more useful life skills. This is why I created the Teen Power Path Virtual Program. In today’s techie and busy world, I am making it accessible and convenient for teens to get the help they need.

In my free time, I love spending time with my husband and teenage son. I enjoy volunteering, getting together with friends, games, music, dancing, laughing, having fun, and occasionally going indoor rock climbing.

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